Meat Chopper Butcher Knife – Meat Cleaver & Slicing Knife – Chinese Chopper Knife – 7 & 2.5 Inch

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Brand: Rena Germany
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Rena Germany Meat Chopper/Multipurpose Chopper is made of high carbon stainless steel sharp edge for long time. Chopper handle design is made like anyone can chop the meat and bone easily. It is perfect for breaking down larger cuts of boneless meat and poultry as well as dicing, mincing and chopping tough vegetables and fruits. The professional-quality knife features durable stainless-steel blade that resists staining and comfortable-grip handle for safe, efficient use. The knife should be washed and cleaned with running water after using it. Then dry the knife with a towel and store it in a knife stand or block. The blade edge is extremely sharp. Keep the knife out of reach of children.

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