Avni Natural Cotton Sanitary Pads (4R+5L+3XL, Combo Pack of 12) with Paper Disposal Bags

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Sanitary Pads, 4R+5L+3XL, Combo Pack of 12 X5

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• Avni Natural Saniatry Pads pack contains 4 Regular, 4 Large and 4 X-Large pads for light to very heavy flow
• Made of 7 layers of natural cotton and biodegradable ultra absorbent core
• Wider back and contoured shape helps in a better coverage and fit
• These absorb 1.5 times more than regular cotton pads
• Each pad comes with a disposal bag made of recycled paper with a Red Dot printed on it
• We do not allow any plastic, dioxins, chlorine or toxic chemicals touch you or the sanitation worker who handles your disposed pads
• 100% natural cotton
• Rash & irritation free skin
• Free from dioxins, chlorine, perfumes & chemicals
• Breathable bottom layer for comfortable airflow
• One pad absorbs for 4-6 hours

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